Financial Independence Wisdom

  1. Have you ever looked at your monthly spend and optimised it? An expense tracker like Wally ( can help you get on top of your bottom line.

0001 Benjamin Franklin.png

2. Investing only $100 a month provides you with a additional $70,590 in interest income over a working career (40 years @ 4% interest rate).

3. Avoid the Debt Trap – the average American has a debt of $137,000. Countries like Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, and Denmark are doing far worse with household debts having reached 130% of the country’s GDP. The number of people unable to afford to retire is skyrocketing.

4. How much longer do u need to work until you can afford to retire? Don’t follow the masses and hope you can retire at 65. Most likely you won’t if you do. Start fighting for your Financial Independence today and follow my blog to learn how.

0005 Only 4hours, 35minutes, and 34 years till I am done with work


About: This Financial Gladiator retired early at age 34 by investing most of his savings in a small real estate portfolio in Eastern Europe. Today he saves approximately 75% of his income while roaming the world and occasionally teaching as a Scuba Instructor on tropical islands. It helps him to keep fit while doing what he loves – teaching, traveling, and scuba diving. He called quits following a successful 13 year career in Information Technology throughout which he saved between 30-40% of his net income annually. Before he quit he positioned himself in a role he suspected was going to be made redundant eventually. The day arrived quickly and he ensured not to leave without a  retrenchment package reducing the need to work and save 3 more years. His real estate portfolio draws a return high enough to pay him twice his annual expenses, allowing him to continue to build up his retirement portfolio while enjoying 100% freedom today.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional financial advice.

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