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The Financial Gladiator will share with you how to beat your modern slave masters and win the ultimate price – your life and your freedom. Follow him to achieve financial independence and retire early.

About the Financial Gladiator

I have achieved Financial Independence at age 34 semi-retiring from my corporate IT career and building up a flourishing real estate operation focusing on purchasing and renting out apartments long-term in Poland.
During my life I visited almost 60 countries, many multiple times, for work, study, and fun. I’m a citizen of a number of countries and earned many millions of frequent flier miles over my busy IT career.
Today I’m mostly living on beautiful tropical islands for a few months at a time, transforming courageous, curious, and fun people into new scuba divers while running my real estate operation remotely. In addition I am advising on investments in Poland, building a real estate cost optimisation portal and writing this blog to engage with other like minded people and inspire others to aim for their Financial Independence Day.
For Freedom and to Live your Dreams,
Your Financial Gladiator